Past Kianism Roundup: October 2011

10/14/11: K: When you’re walking on the tile, don’t step on the diamonds or you’ll get punched in the face! It’s a booby trap. (Said with a demonstration of punching in the face. Swing – flail – OOF!)

10/7/11 Me: “Do you want oatmeal for breakfast?”
K: “Grammy gave me oit…oit… oitmeal when she here! Yay!

Oh no, now I /miss/ her.”
Then he goes to pout on the couch.



Right in the Kisser

K: Mommy, pretend to be a puddy tat.
Me: What is a puddy tat?
K: I don’t know, but I want to punch you right in the kisser!

OMG, less Looney Toons I guess.