Today Kian was very snuggly, missing dad all day.

At one point he gave me a big kiss and I said, “I need to get LOTS of kisses, because in a few days we will be with Grammy Tina and she will steal them all!”

Kian thought about it and then said, “I will give her MOST of them, but I will take some and hide them in my underwear! She will never think to look there. Then I will take them out and give them to you!

Me: … *nosewrinkle*

Kian: Don’t worry, mom, I will wash them off in the sink and they will be mostly clean!

Greaaaat. Where does he come up with this stuff?



K: Are there mosquitos outside? It is dark out now.

M: Oh, probably.

K: I don’t want to go outside then. Because they will suck out all my blood. And if I don’t have any blood I won’t be able to move. I will be like this (demonstrates – frozen – face squinched up, hands up) like a statue. And then *rambles on for like 3 minutes*

Five minutes later

K:But mosquitos don’t drink /all/ your blood do they? I think they would explode.

M: You are so smart! Let’s play trucks instead, K?

Halloween Edition

Kian was Superman for Halloween. It involved a lot of hilarity.

Don’t worry mommy, I will protect you because I am Superman! If you see something too scary, you just tell me and I will punch it RIGHT IN THE FACE!

Oh, well I guess that one wasn’t so scary after all. (after all? really?)

And then everyone will see me and they won’t know I am Kian! They will say, “Wow, there is Superman!”

and then, when people did,

“See! I told you they knowed I was Superman.”