K: It is gross to eat brains, right?
Me: … Well yeah, I guess it is. Who is eating brains?
K: Well, zombies (duh). And maybe me. But I think eating brains is gross.
Me: Yeah, eating brains is gross.
K: That is why I am going to keep mine inside my head. You keep yours inside your head too. That way I won’t be temped (no t) to eat them.
Me: Good deal, kiddo!


Because Parents Are Always Right

My mom has been saying that I should write a book about my son for years now. Today she mentioned it again, and suggested a blog as a possible alternative, and since my dad has also made this suggestion on more than one occasion, I’m caving.

I am not sure what all this blog will be. I do know that having a better way to remember all the hilarious things Kian says as he grows is a good idea. Right now I use Facebook a lot, but that’s not very searchable or archive-able or anything. I might do some ‘looking back’ posts to try and snag some older things. I might end up talking about work, or laundry, or goodness knows what. But for now, here we are.

Past Kianism Roundup: October 2011

10/14/11: K: When you’re walking on the tile, don’t step on the diamonds or you’ll get punched in the face! It’s a booby trap. (Said with a demonstration of punching in the face. Swing – flail – OOF!)

10/7/11 Me: “Do you want oatmeal for breakfast?”
K: “Grammy gave me oit…oit… oitmeal when she here! Yay!

Oh no, now I /miss/ her.”
Then he goes to pout on the couch.